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What Leap Means

Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™

Lifetime:                     LEAP views your financial process as an ongoing lifetime experience.    LEAP uses a comprehensive or holistic approach.

Economic:                  LEAP seeks to make your money productive and efficient which may potentially increase its performance to allow you to put it to better use.

Acceleration:             LEAP uses a unique financial process to accelerate idle money by putting it to use for other financial needs and objectives.

Process:                     LEAP organizes and coordinates your money decisions into a financial model that is easy to follow and understand.



  • To potentially increase the amount of money you will have over your lifetime

  • To potentially reduce your income taxes

  • To give you better accessibility over your money

  • To potentially lower your financial costs

  • To provide total needs based and value based insurance protection

  • To potentially lower your financial risk

  • To give you a better understanding of how your money is working for you

  • To provide organization of your financial documents and plans

  • To provide a verifiable financial process