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Our Strategy

At Pohl & Associates, our strategy enables clients to establish a plan designed to help manage wealth while providing a risk management strategy.

Our process involves the following:

Step 1)  Analyze lost opportunity costs from taxes, debt, insurance, and investments.  This can potentially add additional money to the wealth creation process without changing your lifestyle.  The flow of money used to create wealth is more important than the vehicle used for investment.  That is why this step comes first instead of analyzing investments.

Step 2)  The current overall plan is analyzed from a macroeconomic viewpoint where problems are identified and resources are coordinated.  By doing this, it may be possible to create additional income and wealth.  Most families use only a fraction of their assets for goals and dreams and are not sure which assets to use first.  By incorporating macroeconomics and having all assets working together, you may have more wealth available.

Step 3)  Analyze current investments.  The coordination of assets is a critical step in our process.  Then your program is refined by reviewing current investments to determine if changes should be made.